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An art portfolio is a curated collection of a student’s work, encompassing various forms such as paintings, sculptures, digital art, and more. It’s a visual narrative that offers admissions officers a glimpse into the applicant’s artistic abilities and potential fit for their school. In the realm of art education, especially in esteemed institutions like SOTA (School of the Arts Singapore), AEP Program Schools, NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts), and NTU (Nanyang Technological University), the art portfolio holds greater weight than academic grades. It’s a unique tool that allows schools to witness and assess the creativity and skill of applicants directly.

About Our Course

Our Art Portfolio Preparation Course is expertly tailored for Singapore students, targeting local schools through Visual Art Direct School Admission (DSA) and prestigious global art institutions. Ideal for secondary and junior college students, the course equips them with the necessary skills and artistic acumen for successful admissions.

This program addresses a broad spectrum of artistic aspirations, from local Visual Art DSA applications to international art school admissions. Our students have consistently gained entry into top institutes in Singapore and overseas, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-crafted art portfolio. By focusing on comprehensive skill development and creative expression, our course prepares students for a range of opportunities in the art world, both locally and globally.


Program’s Aim

The primary aim of our program is to foster a creative and supportive environment where students can expand their artistic horizons. We understand that each student comes with unique skills and aspirations. Therefore, our program maintains a balance of flexibility and structure, fostering personal growth and exploration while actively building robust technical and conceptual foundations.

Schools our students have gained admission to:


What Art Programs Seek in a Portfolio


Technical Fundamentals

Art schools prioritise technical proficiency in their applicants. A portfolio demonstrating a high level of skill, attention to detail, and mastery of fundamental and advanced art principles sets the foundation for a successful application. Many programs, understanding the foundational role of drawing in various art forms, recommend or require at least one drawing piece in the portfolio, regardless of the applicant’s preferred medium​​.


Variety and Versatility

Art schools highly value the ability to work across multiple media and art forms. They seek applicants who express their talent in various ways, demonstrating versatility and adaptability. A portfolio displaying a mix of realistic and abstract works using different materials and techniques exemplifies this versatility. This diversity showcases technical skills and highlights creative thinking and a willingness to experiment.


Unique Style and Personality

Art schools look beyond technical skills to the student’s personal voice and vision. A student’s art portfolio should showcase their individuality, interests, and unique worldview. It should feature works beyond imitation, infused with the student’s passion and originality. 

Curriculum Overview



  • Techniques and Styles: Our painting module covers various techniques and styles from classical to contemporary. Students learn about colour theory, brushwork, and composition, essential for creating impactful artwork.
  • Medium Exploration: We delve into different painting mediums – oil, acrylic, watercolour, and more, enabling students to find their niche or excel in multiple mediums.



  • Idea Generation: A crucial part of our program is helping students develop the skill of generating and evolving ideas for their artworks.
  • Critical Thinking in Art: Students learn to critically analyse their and others’ works, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of art.



  • Foundation Skills: We teach essential skills such as perspective, shading, and line quality, forming the backbone of effective sketching.‎‎
  • Expressive Sketching: Moving beyond basics, we encourage expressive sketching, where students learn to infuse their sketches with emotion and personal style.
  • Medium Exploration: Our program explores various drawing mediums, including graphite, charcoal, pastel, conte, pen, and colored pencils. This variety allows students to discover their preferred medium or excel across several different ones.



  • 3D Art Forms: In our sculpting module, we introduce students to three-dimensional art, exploring techniques in clay modelling, carving, and various other sculptural methods.
  • Conceptualisation to Creation: Students are guided from the conceptualisation stage of a sculpture to its final creation, understanding the intricacies of 3D art.

Emphasis on Creativity and Skill Level Enhancement

Our approach is two-fold: nurturing creativity while enhancing skill levels.

We understand the importance of an art portfolio in reflecting a student’s unique artistic journey. Therefore, our program encourages personal expression and creative exploration,
ensuring that each portfolio is as unique as the artist behind it

Art Portfolio preparation involves a journey of creative exploration and skilful presentation. At Chalk N Pencils, we have designed a process that guides students in creating portfolios that display their technical abilities and artistic identity.

Portfolio Development Process

Developing a compelling art portfolio requires a strategic approach, blending technical prowess with personal expression. Our program at Chalk N Pencils guides students through this nuanced process.


Selection of Works

  • Diverse Range of Artworks: We guide students to select works demonstrating their skills and artistic interests, encompassing various mediums like drawing, painting, digital art, and sculpture.


  • Quality Over Quantity: The focus is selecting high-quality pieces that best represent the student’s abilities and artistic evolution.

Curation and Presentation

  • Thematic Cohesion: We assist students in curating their portfolios to ensure thematic cohesion and a clear narrative thread that ties the artworks together.


  • Professional Presentation: We guide you on how to professionally present the portfolio, covering aspects such as layout, arrangement, and both digital and physical presentation techniques.

Guidance on Diversity

  • Exploration of Various Styles and Mediums: Students are encouraged to explore and include various styles and mediums in their portfolio, showcasing versatility and a willingness to experiment.


  • Personal Expression and Storytelling: We emphasise the importance of personal expression and storytelling through art. The portfolio should reflect the student’s unique perspective and experiences.

  • Class Frequency: Classes are available weekly or bi-weekly, providing flexibility to suit various schedules. 
  • Class Length: Each session spans approximately 2 to 3 hours, allowing ample time for in-depth learning and practice. 
  • Program Duration: The total duration of the program varies, typically spanning 1 to 2 years, to ensure comprehensive coverage of all necessary skills and techniques.


  • Class size: Comfortable ratio of 1 teacher to 6 students of similar age group.

  • Suitable for: Children aged 10-16 years old with an interest in art
  • Fees include: Use of art tools and materials, student portfolio

For more information about our art portfolio preparation program in Singapore or to enrol please reach out to us:

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your artistic skills and create a compelling art portfolio


A conducive space for art learning

Chalk N Pencils was set up as a small studio space with a small teacher-student ratio in mind. We believe in creating a conducive space for quality art education for those seeking to express themselves.

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