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Welcome to Chalk N Pencils, a haven for creativity and art classes in Singapore, where we foster artistic expression.

Our painting classes, including specialized art classes for kids, cater to all skill levels, providing everything needed to bring your masterpiece to life, from pencils to oils.

Founded on the belief that everyone has an artist within, Chalk N Pencils has grown into a cornerstone of art education in Singapore.

We’re more than just classes; we’re a community where creativity thrives, especially for young artists.

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Success Stories

Hear from our happy artists! Our students’ achievements and joyous experiences speak volumes about the impact of our art classes in singapore. These stories are the true testament to the enriching journey you’ll embark on with us.

John Leong
John Leong
Our boys have learnt lots from Ms Nishika in their time with her, from techniques to the various art media. Her patience when handling two little boys is admirable. She has also helped cement the kids’ love for art and craft, to the extent that it is one of their go-to activities in their free time at home.
Louis kirchhoff
Louis kirchhoff
My daughter attend this art classes for since she was 5 years old now she is 7 She loved art classes every Sunday Teachers are great , she is excited to go every Sunday 😊
Sam Tan
Sam Tan
Our 4yo girl has been there for 1.5yrs already and she looks forward to attending the class every Sunday. The art n craft work gives her good motor skills and an appreciation of colours and objects. We hope to keep sending her there.
Ms kheng is good and very good at helping me and i like carving 👹👹
Is a great place and fun place for kids to play and learn
Great place to be in, ms kheng is a friendly, helpful and clear. i learnt a lot from her, definitely recommend.
Ailing Lee
Ailing Lee
I send both my girls 3 and 6 to chalk n pencils. The teachers are very patient and guide them on different forms of art. Over the years I have also seen an improvement in terms of creativity from my older daughter , would recommend ! They are also flexible in terms of make up classes when my kids are sick.
DeeDee Marini Suherman
DeeDee Marini Suherman
My daughter looks forward to her weekly Art class at Chalk n Pencils.. The teacher she is under is very patient and nurturing. Would highly recommend
Peikee Ting
Peikee Ting
My son absolutely loves it! Going to his Sunday class is the highlight of his week.
evelyn du
evelyn du
My son has been with Chalk and Pencil for 3 years. We can clearly see his improvement. The teachers are experienced and patient and my son enjoys his experience. His recent work, as a 7 year old.

From a kid’s perspective, art classes at Chalk n Pencils is just plain fun –   it’s the perfect mix of learning while doing something they will enjoy.”

Sassy Mama

My daughter absolutely loves Ms. Kheng’s art classes as she gets to explore her creative side in a myriad of ways – through print-making, making 3D structures, painting, creating lanterns, etc.

Eileen A Chua

I like that they offer many kinds of art workshops, from canvas painting to woodworking, so that children can engage in various multi-sensory activities.

Rebecca Loh-Lau

Priscilia is a very patient, approachable and friendly teacher with many years of experience in painting. She has vast knowledge and skills on different mediums of arts as well. I had personally seen her artworks and I was very impressed!
Kathleen Seah

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