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Welcome to Chalk N Pencils, a haven for creativity and art classes.
Where artistic expression is encouraged and inspired.

Our painting classes cater to all skill levels, providing everything needed to bring your masterpiece to life, from pencils to oils.

Whether you’re a young artist just starting out or an adult looking to explore your creativity, we have the perfect course for you.

Ready to unleash your inner artist in a fun, relaxed environment? Join us and discover your passion for art.

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From a kid’s perspective, art classes at Chalk n Pencils is just plain fun –   it’s the perfect mix of learning while doing something they will enjoy.”

Sassy Mama

My daughter absolutely loves Ms. Kheng’s art classes as she gets to explore her creative side in a myriad of ways – through print-making, making 3D structures, painting, creating lanterns, etc.

Eileen A Chua

I like that they offer many kinds of art workshops, from canvas painting to woodworking, so that children can engage in various multi-sensory activities.

Rebecca Loh-Lau

Priscilia is a very patient, approachable and friendly teacher with many years of experience in painting. She has vast knowledge and skills on different mediums of arts as well. I had personally seen her artworks and I was very impressed!
Kathleen Seah

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At Chalk N Pencils, we believe that creativity has no age limit. That's why we offer a wide range of art classes for all ages, from kids to adults.

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