13 – 17 years old

Pencils is designed for aspiring artists aged 13 to 17. Our weekly programme emphasises the exploration of various art styles, honing of technical skills in drawing and painting, and the development of creative design abilities. Students will receive personalised guidance and be encouraged to work independently. We also provide comprehensive studies of different art movements, artists, and concepts to broaden students’ perspectives and inspire them in their artistic journey. By the end of the programme, students will have a deeper understanding of art and the skills necessary to express their unique vision.

What We Teach


At Chalk n Pencils, we believe in fostering creativity through experimentation. Our 13-17 year old students are encouraged to explore and experiment with various materials, from pencils and pastels to oil paints, to understand better each medium and how it can be used to express their unique ideas.


A strong foundation is essential for any artist, and that’s why we emphasise building a solid foundation of skills and knowledge in our Pencils class. From fundamentals of drawing and painting to technical skills, our students will receive comprehensive training to serve as the foundation for their continued artistic development.


Our goal at Chalk n Pencils is not just to teach technical skills but to encourage and support our students in their creative development. We challenge our 13-17 year old students to think outside the box and to develop their ideas through various art movements, artists, and art concepts. Whether it’s through structured lessons or independent projects, our students will have the opportunity to express themselves and grow as artists.

A conducive space for art learning

Chalk N Pencils was set up in a small studio space, with the idea of a small teacher-student ratio in mind. We believe in creating a conducive space to provide quality art education for those who seek to express themselves.

Discover a world of creativity with us!

At Chalk N Pencils, we believe that creativity has no age limit. That's why we offer a wide range of art classes for all ages, from kids to adults.

chalk-I-button art class for 3-4 year olds
chalk-II-button art class for 5-6 year olds
chalk-III-button art class for 7-12 year olds

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