Chalk I

3 – 4 years old

Chalk I is designed to be a fun and engaging learning experience for 3-4 year old children. Our program is specifically tailored to meet the abilities of this age group, and structured with a progressive learning outline that will help them grow and develop in a positive and nurturing environment. Through the use of a variety of art mediums and tools such as painting, printmaking and 3D art-forms, Chalk I aims to enhance children’s fine motor skills and creativity. With our focus on hands-on, interactive lessons, we aim to build children’s confidence, imagination, and appreciation for the arts. By providing a fun, nurturing and conducive setting for learning, Chalk I is the perfect program for parents who want to see their children thrive and develop important life skills in a creative and meaningful way.

What We Teach

Basic Motor Skills

In Chalk I, we introduce young children to the basics of fine motor skills. Through a variety of projects and exercises, we will guide them in developing hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and precision. Children will have fun exploring cutting, tearing, twisting, threading, moulding, and pasting techniques, all while working towards specific learning objectives.

Mixed Media Art

We believe in exposing children to as many different materials as possible, so they can get a taste of the limitless possibilities of art. Our projects are designed to include a variety of media, from paints and pastels to textured materials and more, allowing children to experiment and explore.

Drawing N Painting

As a painting studio, Chalk I focuses heavily on the fundamentals of drawing and painting. Our projects are designed to be fun and educational, encouraging creative thinking and self-expression in young artists. Children can express themselves freely, painting to their hearts’ content and developing their own style and skills.

A conducive space for art learning

Chalk N Pencils was set up in a small studio space, with the idea of a small teacher-student ratio in mind. We believe in creating a conducive space to provide quality art education for those who seek to express themselves.

Discover a world of creativity with us!

At Chalk N Pencils, we believe that creativity has no age limit. That's why we offer a wide range of art classes for all ages, from kids to adults.

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